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Meet Cristo Rey Jesuit's Staff

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School is fortunate to have talented teachers and staff that are committed to the success of our students.

Kristin Adler, Manager, Client Relations (Corporate Work Study Program)

Grace Bandel, English Teacher

Kaylee Beck, Manager, Operations (Corporate Work Study Program)

Andrew Boddy-Spargo, Dean of Performance Measurement and Innovation

Shayla Burris, Assistant Principal for Student Success

Wendy Centeno, Staff Accountant

Cristina Cervantes, Admissions Assistant

Erik Charney, History Teacher

Tim Chisholm, Maintenance/Security Manager

Linda Dreger, Math Teacher

Reese Dziedzic, Health/PE Teacher and Athletic Director

Peter Endres, Science Teacher

Ignacio Estrada, Math Teacher

Paul Glembocki, English Teacher

Natalia Guardiola, Office Manager

Dulce Gutierrez, Dean of Student Culture

Dalton Hall, Theology Teacher

Maria Hansen, Admissions Director

Luke Harrison, Principal

Francisco Hernandez, College Counselor

Areli Herrera, English Teacher

Aaron Hess, Dean of Instruction

Kelly Ibarra, English Teacher

Linnea Johnson, Spanish Teacher

Maria Johnson, Nurse

Fr. Bill Johnson, SJ, Vice President for Strategic Growth

Bryce Joosten, IT Coordinator

Kate Jorgensen, School Counselor

Jane Lorenzi, Assistant to the President/Special Projects

Megan Marciniak, Humanities Teacher

Dennis Marshall, Math Teacher

Georgina Martinez-Hernandez, Receptionist

Kim Melso, Math Teacher

David Mendoza, Maintenance

Jack Nash, Theology Teacher

Maureen Norton, Math Teacher

Charonda Oliphant, CWSP Student Relations Manager

Lorena Ordonez, Administrative Assistant

Fr. Ben Osborne, SJ, Campus Ministry Chaplain

John Pandl, PT HR Coordinator

Rodrigo Pertierra de Rojas, Spanish Teacher

Amauri Quevedo, Maintenance Assistant

Benjamin Rangel, History Teacher

Tessa Rhodes, Corporate Work Study Program Coordinator

Zuleyka Rios Martinez, Director of Post-grad Success

Lucy Rothstein, Science Teacher

Ron Russell, Theology Teacher

Luke Sadowsky, Marketing and Communications

Jodie Scordo, Director of Campus Ministry

Abigail Seefeld, Theatre Teacher

Elizabeth Soma, School Counselor

Andrew Stith, President

Betty Suarez, Admissions Specialist

Blake Suhar, Math Teacher

Maricruz Talavera-Pettis, Director of Finance and Operations

Shannon Watry, Senior Director of Advancement

Samantha Young, Advancement Specialist


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